Peter Wilberg: Statement At The Launch Of Slovenian Translation Of THE ILLNESS IS THE CURE

25 Ogledi

Bolezen je zdravilo – slovenian edition of: The Illness is the Cure – An Introduction to Life Medicine and Life Doctoring - a new existential approach to illness ---------------------------------------- The Illnes is the Cure« is a manifesto of a new, truly humanistic medicine. “I highly recommend this book. It encourages a person to look at their lifestyle and make changes that promote health. Wonderful book for insight into one’s own life.” Readers review ---------------------------------------- Peter Wilberg (born in London in 1952) is an independent philosophical thinker, teacher, therapist and author of ethnic German and Jewish-German background. Though he holds an MA in Philosophy and Politics (Oxon, 1994) and in Humanistic Psychology (Antioch, 1980) he has since pursued his lifelong research, work and writing outside the framework of academia and without any form of institutional support or funding. ------------------------- What if ‘explaining’ an illness is one thing, but understanding it is quite another? What if illnesses have life meanings and not just scientific ‘explanations’ and biological ‘causes’ or ‘cures’? What if the biology of the human body cannot be separated from the biography of the human being? What if the life of the human body cannot be separated from the life of the human being in all its existential dimensions – personal, social and economic? What if every bodily state is at the same time a state of consciousness and vice versa – thus making nonsense of the separation between ‘body’ and ‘mind’, medical treatments on the one hand and psychological therapies on the other? Last but not least, what if ‘the illness is the cure’ - and not something to be cured? In a way that is clear and practically helpful to both lay readers, patients and health professionals alike, this book challenges the most basic assumptions of almost all forms of medicine – ‘modern’ or ‘traditional’, ‘scientific’ or ‘spiritual’ – namely that illness is something to be cured rather than being the cure. To do so it draws on the work of Illich, Heidegger and many others to introduces a fundamentally new approach to health and illness – ‘Life Medicine’ and ‘Life Doctoring’.

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